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Rokka Ski & Snowboard School

Rokka Ski & Snowboard school is a long standing member of the PSIA/AASI and operates snowsport school facilities at the Summit at Snoqualmie.

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Rokka Lodge at Crystal Mountain

Rokka Lodge fundraising campaign
Due to the poor snow conditions this past winter (2014-2015), we are having difficulties with coming up with the funds needed to maintain and operate the lodge.  Please consider making a donation to help us get through to the upcoming season.  Details can be found in the attached letter.  Thank you!

Hey, have you heard about the new Blog for the ROKKA Lodge?
Now is your chance to post a comment or read other comments about your experiences at the ROKKA Lodge.
Hopefully we can keep an eye on the Wish List and Things to Do section on the bottom of the page so we can be prepared when we go up to stay at the lodge.
Just go to:

Candace or Reggie Yaplee
(206) 328-1465